Wrap-Up: July 2016

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We’ve come to the end of another month. July flew by as if it was nothing, and we’re almost onto August already. August brings a lot of exciting things for me, but let’s just look back to July first! Unfortunately for me, July was also the month where my laptop stopped working, so the pictures in this post were made with my phone and edited in an online photo editor. May my laptop rest in peace.

Books bought, received, borrowed


I got a discount code from Bol.com for ebooks and decided to check it out. They had Looking for Alaska for around 4 euros and with the discount, it was even cheaper so I decided to finally buy it. Then I also finally decided to buy The Last Star though I do not remember anything from the previous book, so I guess I’ll have to reread it. A while back, Bol.com also had a sale going on, and so I decided to buy Snow Like Ashes because I’d heard great things about it and I am really in love with the cover. Also because the third book is about to come out, so I thought I’d sorta binge-read the three as soon as I have all of them. From Bol, I also got the book Big Game which I won by sharing a picture of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson filming in Amsterdam. And through Hebban I won the book Unplugged which I have heard great things about, so I’m going to pick it up next month! And last but not least, I got The Trials of Apollo even though this size does not fit my other Riordan books at all. Oh well, it was cheap!


world fangie jelli

DVD’s bought


I went to Haarlem with my mum to buy fabrics, and we ended up going to this secondhand DVD/video game shop; there I bought the top three dvds and POTC3. I also got Penelope, but I wanted to buy two copies (they were 10 cents each) but they couldn’t find the second DVD, so I ended up buying just one copy and gave it to my friend (who loves James McAvoy more than breathing I guess). Now You See Me I got from Bol.com, because of the sale they had going on. I am really in love with this movie, and I found out this was an extended edition, with deleted scenes as well!

Other stuff bought, received


  • Silver jacket + Rush shirt (Quicksilver cosplay)
  • Nerve thingy (do these things have names)
  • Sewing supplies
  • Bookmarks (Six of Crows, a quote and MAXIMOFF TWINS)
  • A red lightsaber
  • Star Trek themed Empire magazine
  • Erasable colour pencils + yellow&pink markers

I have the idea I bought more this month, but I just cannot remember what. Well, fabrics, but I decided not to add them to the picture because basically, it’s just black fabrics. I also got a bookcase this month, which you have seen in my Behind the Scenes post already!

Read, Watched & Started this month



Next month

It’s Castlefest and Amsterdam Comic Con month! I still need to finish part of my Rey cosplay, but I am planning on starting that this weekend, so hopefully I’ll even have it finished before Castlefest. I already have a cosplay plan for Castlefest, but if it’s going to be really warm, I might not do that (I hate wearing a leather jacket in warm weather). ACC is something I am looking forward to so much, and I think I am going to try to get autographs from Devon Murray and Natalia Tena in my Deathly Hallows book, because then I’ll have Harry, Snape, Tonks and Seamus Finnigan in one book!


Want to read: Harry Potter (Half-Blood Prince, Deathly Hallows, Cursed Child), The Serpent’s Shadow, Isla and the Happily Ever After, Spirit Bound, Unplugged, The Trials of Apollo
Want to see: The Secret Life of Pets, Suicide Squad, Ben-Hur, Star Trek Beyond, The BFG, Legend of Tarzan, AOS S3.2

How was your month?
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