Behind the Scenes number twelve already! Let me take you on a trip to Amsterdam and the forest close to where I live to hunt Pokémon! Because yes, I am also a Pokémon Go player as of a couple of days ago!

2016-06-29 18.42.38 HDR-3

She thought I was going to give her some of my food, but I didn’t, so she went back to sleep like this.

2016-07-01 17.21.02-2

These are the books I am planning to read this month. So far I’ve finished two (Chamber of Secrets and Throne of Fire) and am currently reading Frankenstein.

2016-07-02 21.36.14-2

We went to see Central Intelligence in the cinema, and though I enjoyed it – the funniest part was the gag reel at the end of the movie.

2016-07-04 12.11.56 had a sale going on, so I bought the DVD for Now You See Me and these two books!

2016-07-05 19.17.42

My parents and sister were going to her graduation ceremony, and she was only allowed to bring three people. My other sister went along with them so I was home alone. My mum told me I could buy pizza, so I wasn’t too sad about it.

2016-07-07 13.21.29

I wanted to see how many Rick Riordan books I own; I don’t own all of his books yet, I still need the entire Percy Jackson series and two Heroes of Olympus books, but I do own a lot of them already! Yay!

2016-07-08 22.15.31

And then we went to Amsterdam, because they’re filming The Hitman’s Bodyguard there. We knew Samuel L. Jackson was there already, but hadn’t heard anything about the other actors yet. Until we heard that Ryan Reynolds had arrived that morning and would also arrive on set that day. We saw them from really close, and they are both so cool, ahhhhhhhh!

2016-07-09 14.05.16-1

My silver jacket for Quicksilver arrived, and it’s amazing! The pockets are super deep (aka I can fit my phone in it) and I can even zip it up. The bottom is a bit too big though, but that’s not really a problem in my opinion.

2016-07-09 16.23.08

And then I had pizza again. My parents were off to a party that my sister and I weren’t in the mood for, and she decided to order pizza. So I decided to order along with her!

2016-07-09 23.08.47

After that I went to my friends’ house because another friend was coming over. We drank some booze, watched two movies (though halfway through we stopped both of them) and ended up staying up until the sun was about to rise again, watching Marvel crack videos.

2016-07-11 21.13.11

A couple of days ago the doorbell rang, and there was Tanja. ‘Let’s go Pokémon hunting!’ I hadn’t downloaded the game yet, so I just went along with her ‘hunting’ real animals instead of Pokémon.

2016-07-11 21.54.59

We came across this restaurant which coïncidentially is also a Pokémon Gym. There were lots of people around in the forest, more than I usually see on an average day (whenever I go to the forest, which isn’t often to be honest). Literally all of them were playing Pokémon, and the ones that weren’t were just there with their friends who were playing it. 

2016-07-12 12.15.06

Total animal count: 6 or something. These were the ones I managed to get a picture of. There was another cat, but she was too quick to take a picture off, and some birds as well. I believe Tanja caught more Pokémon.

01 02 03
And then I decided to get the game myself as well. I spent the entire evening catching all the Pokémon in my own house, a couple of which were a Jigglypuff, a couple of Drowzee’s and a bunch of Pidgey’s and Ratata’s.

2016-07-12 20.45.57-2

The next day we went ‘hunting’ again, and we climbed this spotter’s hill. It was beautiful up there, and I think that is one of the great things about this game, that you actually get outside and see parts of your town that you have never seen before!

2016-07-12 21.46.42

I mean I hadn’t seen a proper sunset in such a long time, and thanks to Pokémon Go I got this beautiful picture (I also have one where I was catching a Paras, but I decided to use this one instead).

2016-07-13 13.58.29 was hosting a contest where you could share a picture of Samuel L. Jackson in Amsterdam with them and win this book. I send them a picture of both SLJ and Ryan Reynolds and got a message a couple of days later that I’d won. I have no idea what this book is about really, but I am excited!

How was your month so far?