Pokémon Go

Last year I started hearing more about this game called ‘Pokémon Go’, which was supposed to be like playing Pokémon in real life. I didn’t hear much more about it after that, so I kind of forgot about it, until a couple of weeks ago, when I found out it was going to be released pretty soon.

Like I said, Pokémon Go is literally like playing the Pokémon games from Nintendo, but in real life. You go outside, walk around and get ‘attacked’ by Pokémon at random. You can then catch it or run. You can go to a Gym and challenge the owners, you can go to Pokéstops, get random items and eggs and meet more people.

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The game was released in America and Australia a couple of days ago, and it has already been downloaded so many times. Due to that, the release for other countries was pushed back a bit, so they could fix the constant server issues. And because of that a lot of people not from USA and Australia decided to download the game from their app stores. I myself was actually going to wait for the game to officially be released in my country, but when I heard the release was being pushed back, I decided to get it from the Australian app store (and then probably just get it from the Dutch one as soon as is gets out).

It is honestly such an amazing game, even with the glitches and service issues. I caught a bunch of Pokémon without even having to leave my bedroom! I did actually leave my house eventually, and I met so many people also playing the game which is just incredible. All those teenagers outside at night trying to catch a Pikachu or a Staryu, it’s great!

There are all kinds of Pokémon in your town, from Pidgeys to Eevee’s, you just have to know where to look! And like with the original game, you can name your Pokémon. Since I love puns I decided to give some of mine some funny names and just names I thought fit the abilities of the Pokémon.

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One thing I do miss is the ability to battle with fellow trainers or the Pokémon you’re about to catch, I really do hope they’re going to add that to the game later on, because now you can only battle Gym leaders, who often have Pokémon with such high levels that you can hardly beat them, and I really wish that we could train to strengthen our Pokémon.

IGN also uploaded a video explaining some of the features of the game, which I think is very handy if you’re just starting! I also have a tag on Tumblr where I’ll post both funny posts and handy posts for the game, so you can check that out!

So, did you download the game already? Or are you waiting for the official release in your country? What is your biggest catch? Talk Pokémon with me in the comments, or on Twitter! You can find more information about the game here, and if you want to download it from the Australian app store you can check it out here!

Edit: The game is now available in a bunch of countries in Europe, including Germany, the UK and the Netherlands!

Are you playing Pokémon Go?