Behind the Scenes #10

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We’re onto the tenth Behind the Scenes post already! This time I’ll show you some cat pictures, some cosplay pictures and some other stuff as well, ha ha ha!

2016-05-30 13.42.18

finally properly cleaned my room a while back. I always had a messy room, but now my floor is clean and I can roll around on my desk chair without stuff getting stuck in the wheels. I still need to clean under my bed, but I wasn’t in the mood for that at the time, so that’s something for another time!

2016-05-31 14.41.30-2

This is as far as Disney can go with her leash, and she loves sitting on that table. I think at this point she was watching a bird.

2016-05-31 18.49.13-1

We went to watch Alice Through the Looking Glass, and this is how many people there were. This was the biggest room they had and there were literally like seven people in the end. Such a shame, because I really enjoyed the movie!

2016-06-01 17.14.34

Puggles the Party Pug! She didn’t really like having the hat on, but it was more because we kept messing with it I guess.

2016-06-04 12.18.13-1

Haarlem had some comic book days, and I believe there was some cosplay contest or a show? Anyway, we saw some Ghostbusters and these Stormtroopers, and of course, I had to take a picture!

2016-06-05 14.00.47-2


2016-06-06 01.15.05

My mum went on a holiday with her mum for a week, and in that week we completely renovated the living room (okay not completely shh). We put some colour on the walls, painted the ceiling, the windows and doors and above all got rid of alllllllllllll the stuff that had been piling up that we didn’t use anymore. It feels so much more like a living room now!

2016-06-06 18.29.01

Part of the comic book days was that the local cinema would show a couple of old comic book movies. And they’d asked for cosplayers to show up during those movies, so people could take pictures with them. We literally were the only cosplayers who showed up for the X-Men movies and Age of Ultron, which was such a shame. We did get free food coupons though, so that’s a plus!

2016-06-07 18.24.39-1

On day two, Tanja went as Jubilee and I went as Scarlet Witch. This time two guys from Egypt wanted to take a picture with us because they recognised Jubilee, which was really cool!

2016-06-10 11.58.05-2

Ever since watching X-Men Apocalypse I wanted to cosplay that outfit from Quicksilver. So I went to look for silver shoes. When I found the perfect ones, I told my mum I’d found them. She then said she had a discount code for that website, but it would expire before I got my money. So she ordered them for me, and when they arrived told me I didn’t need to pay them back. Which is really nice! ALSO LOOK AT MY COOL SILVER SHOES!

2016-06-11 18.07.17-2

Took a picture with my dad, because he’s great! 

2016-06-12 20.51.53

They were sitting next to each other! Without fighting! Watching birdies! Awwwwwwwwww!

2016-06-13 22.48.12

Months ago I was reorganising my bookshelf when a book that stood on top of it fell behind it. I decided I would get it out later but completely forgot about it – until last night. Unfortunately, it was too far away for me to reach with my hands, and even with a stick, it was impossible. That was until my dad showed up with a stick with duct tape on it!

2016-06-14 15.34.56

I’d ordered this book a while back because it was discounted. It went from I believe 18-ish euros to 10 euros and I had really wanted to buy this to get signed (you know if I ever meet a Marvel actor), and now I have it! Yay! (It’s a shame because it’s still missing a lot of the mutant characters, but those are probably in a newer version which is almost 40 euros so yeah).

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