Best of the Year

BOTY ’11: Best concerts

And of course I mean concerts that I have been to myself. This time they’re in order of date; the concert on nr five is the most recent one. I do have to tell you that I’m extremely bad in writing reviews, but I did my best.

1. Kensington

Date: 6 May. Support Act: Uncle Frankle. Venue: Duycker, Hoofddorp. Kensington will always be one of my favourite bands. I’ve known them ever since they were this unknown band playing in small venues, and I’ve seen them become what they are right now, one of this countries’ best bands. I was incredibly happy to find out they were playing in my hometown, and that they brought Uncle Frankle (another one of my favourite bands) with them as their support act. It was honestly an amazing show and I enjoyed the whole evening, talking to the bands afterwards and being able to go back home whenever I wanted – because I came by bike!

2. Avril Lavigne

Date: 13 September. Support Act: Makebelieve. Venue: HMH, Amsterdam. Okay I am going to be honest, I do not like large venues. Such as the HMH, Ahoy, the Ziggodome, I don’t get the appeal of those large venues. I made an exception when Avril Lavigne came to the Netherlands, partly because I wanted to see my best friend again (and I hadn’t seen her in a long time), partly because I used to love Avril so much when I was younger, and partly because one of my favourite bands at this moment was the support act. After waiting half the day in a super long queue (something I am never doing again) we stood front row for Makebelieve and their show was amazing. When that ended, I went to the back because everyone was pushing and it got way too crowded for me, and from the back of the venue I enjoyed Avril’s concert. It was great, and I loved it very much, but I am probably not going to a large venue like that anymore (unless there’s a really great artist playing).

3. Only Seven Left

Date: 5 November. Support Act: Make it Count. Venue: Vorstin, Hilversum. After seven long weeks of auditions, week winners and finalists, we were finally going to find out who was going to become the new singer of Only Seven Left. Would it be Bjørgen or Lucas? OSL played a short show where both finalists sang two songs, and then they gave the stage to Make it Count. After they finished their set, OSL came back onto the stage and announced Bjørgen would be their new singer. Then they played some songs, and during the last song they invited all the other contestants onto the stage to sing the song with the band. It was an amazing show, and I am super happy to see my favourite band complete again!

4. The Blackout

Date: 19 November. Support Act: We Are the Ocean. Venue: W2, Den Bosch. I saw this band at least three times this year, but this November show has got to be my favourite. The Blackout is an incredible band, and the humour these Welsh guys have is amazing. They played a lot of songs from their new album, Hope, but they also played some of their old songs which I enjoyed a lot. We Are the Ocean was a great support act, a band I have been listening to for about a year now I think, and I really loved that The Blackout chose this band to tour with. Unfortunately they played a lot of songs from their new album, which I hadn’t listened to that much, so I couldn’t sing along that much. They did play my favourite song, so I was a happy person by the end of the evening!

5. You Me At Six

Date: 2 December. Support Act: Canterbury. Venue: Tivoli de Helling, Utrecht. The show was actually planned for October, but they shoved it back towards December because YMAS was writing their new album. It came out in September and I really loved it, so I was thrilled for this show. The band played an amazing show, and I am really glad they pushed it back to December so they could play all these new songs for us. They also of course played some of their old songs, including my absolute favourite: Fireworks. Canterbury was one of two support acts this evening (I cannot remember the other bands’ name, sorry). We’d missed out on the first support act because the line was so long, but we saw all of Canterbury’s song, which was really cool because I knew that band a bit better. It was a great show, and I enjoyed it very much. I am definitely going to try to see YMAS more often if they come to this country!