Behind the Scenes

Wrap-Up: May 2016

May: the month of X-Men, my birthday, X-men, me re-organising my bookshelves and cleaning my room and hey, guess what: more X-Men! I also read a couple of cool books and watched some cool and some weird movies. Let’s take a look at the month of May! I’ve decided to take out the ‘what happened in my life’ part because it’s usually long and I now have the Behind the Scenes posts that I will post the day before or after the Wrap-ups! So click here to see what happened in the last two weeks of May!

Books bought, received, borrowed:


A couple of books I had anticipated for a while now, some impulse buys and some second-hand books!

I also borrowed The Raven King from a friend, but I forgot to include it in the picture!


Other Purchases:


  • Dvd’s: Never Let Me GoUnbrokenWantedX-Men, X-Men: First Class – Because they were cheap. I also bought X2, but apparently, I already owned a copy of that movie, so I’m going to return it and get X-Men: The Last Stand, the only X-Men movie I do not own at the moment.
  • Scarlet Witch Dorbz – I’d wanted a Scarlet Witch Dorbz for so long, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the Netherlands. So I ordered one from an American seller on eBay. Look at how cute she is!
  • Bookends – I bought two of these ages ago and wanted more, but they didn’t have them anymore. But then a couple of days ago they suddenly did have them, so of course, I immediately took two of them with me!
  • Scarlet Witch t-shirt – Tanja was in London and told me the FP had a super cool Scarlet Witch shirt! So she got it for me (I did pay it myself though) and look at how cool my favourite mutant is!
  • Lightsaber toothbrush – My sister gave this to me as a birthday present, just for funsies. It’s supposed to make sounds and I believe you can hear Darth Vader talk if you push the button, but I’m afraid the batteries are empty. Oh well.
  • Camera bag (birthday present) – I got this bag for my birthday from my dad, because I needed a new one that holds both my camera and my extra lens. It’s really cool, waterproof and it fits two extra lenses!
  • IMAX glasses – We were supposed to get IMAX glasses with our unlimited pas as well, but the cinema we got our pas from doesn’t have any IMAX. so I got it at the nearest IMAX cinema instead!
  • Water bottle with filter – A bottle like this is so much handier than having a (soft) plastic bottle of water. It also gets me to drink water more often!
  • Bottle of Jack Daniels (birthday present) – This was the real gift I got from my sister, and I am really happy with it because Jack Daniels is my favourite whiskey! (Of course, the one with honey is a tad bit better, but this one will do too, ha ha ha)
  • Corset for Civil War Wanda outfit – I committed myself to do Wanda MAximoff’s airport battle outfit from Civil War, and so far it’s gone really well to find each item. Apart from the coat, but we’re not going to talk about that!!!!! *sobs*
  • Avengers pillow – Because I am a grown-up and I buy grown-up things!
  • Inflatable coca-cola bottle from Haribo – I won this, and I’d forgotten about it, so it was a surprise when I got it in the mail, ha ha ha!
Read, seen, started:



What am I going to read, watch and do next?

Read: The Raven King, A Court of Mist and Fury, Isla and the Happily ever After, Beauty Queens, The Graveyard Book
Watch: Agents of Shield S4.2, The 100 S3, Never Let Me Go, Now You See Me 2, Me Before You, Finding Dory, High Rise.


Next month there will be some comic book days in a town close to where I live so I’ll be going there a couple of times a week. We’re definitely seeing a couple of the comic movies they’re showing in the cinema because it’s free for us and they’re our favourites (Age of Ultron, the X-Men prequels, Deadpool). I am also going to start working on three cosplays: Rey, Wanda and Peter Maximoff. After seeing X-Men Apocalypse I decided I wanted to cosplay that outfit of his.

How was your month?