Once again we’ve reached the end of a month, specifically April. This was the month of HobbitCon, YALfest and Civil War. For more pictures about this month, I’d like to refer you to my most recent Behind the Scenes post! Now let’s start wrapping everything up!

Books bought, received


Ehm, yeah well what shall I say about this. HobbitCon was over, I had not spend as much money as I thought I would and I decided to treat myself? Yeah let’s go with that.

  • The Body Electric by Beth Revis – I finally decided to buy an e-copy of this book. I would have preferred a physical copy but I think there was a limited amount of these books available and it came out over a year ago so yeah, digital copy it was!
  • Demigods and Magicians by Rick Riordan – I saw this at a bookstore and thought ‘yes I am going to read this!’. I still need to finish the Kane Chronicles before I even dare to start in this, because I think this happens after that series so there might be spoilers in it.
  • The Retribution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin – I am a dumbo and ordered the third book in the series while I actually wanted to order the second one. Oh well, now at least I can continue reading if the second one ends with a cliffhanger.
  • Passenger by Alexandra Bracken – To be honest, I’ve been wanting to buy this book ever since it came out in January, but I didn’t want to buy a hardcover one. So when I was at the ABC in Amsterdam and I saw it in paperback, I took it with me!
  • The Death Cure by James Dashner – This book and the one below it were in the bargain bucket on Bookdepository, they were five euros each so I bought both of them fully thinking they were books two and three of the Maze Runner series. It wasn’t until I had clicked ‘confirm order’ that I realised they were actually book three and the prequel.
  • The Kill Order by James Dashner – Oh well, I do still need to read this prequel so it’s technically a win/win situation. I will still buy the other two books in these covers though.
  • The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness – I have never read a book by Patrick Ness, never. So I thought I’d start with this one, about you know the ‘ordinary’ people that live in superhero worlds, I guess. That’s what I’ve understood from the summary.
  • The Distance from Me to You by Marina Gessner – This was the book in the YALfest goodiebag. It’s in Dutch, but that isn’t really that big an issue. There were two different books in the goodiebag though, and the others got Riders by Veronica Rossi, and I would have loved to get that one more than this one to be honest. (But I think I’d rather read Riders in English than in Dutch).

Books I got signed


At YALfest I met all these incredible authors. We were given bookplates to put into our books, so I did just that. The problem was that not every book had a good (half)blank page to put the sticker on, so sometimes I just had to put it over the name of the publishing company or something like that. Oh well. I also still need to get Becky’s book, but I’ll do that next month, I promise!

Other purchases

IMG_6326 IMG_6319

  • Star Wars nr. 10 – As I was at the store to buy this one, I had a slight panic attack because I thought I’d missed the previous one. So I went onto the internet to try and find it, but I couldn’t find it for cheap. When I sorted through my comics later on that evening, number nine mysteriously appeared from out of nowhere. (So I did buy it but I just put it in the wrong place, oops).
  • Empire X-Men Apocalypse – Look at my baby Pietro (I refuse to call him Peter, he’s Pietro) being cute on this cover! Also Mystique is really cool too I guess but PIETRO.
  • HobbitCon VIER lanyard + cool button – We got our HobbitCon tickets laminated of course and got this cool lanyard with it. Later on we met a couple of people who had gifts – one girl had maple syrup candies, another had Hobbits (actual German cookies) and the third girl had buttons. I chose one that says ‘Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost’ which is a text I still want to get tattoed on my body.
  • Civil War posters, wristband and movie ticket – Of course this month was Civil War month, and Tanja and I went to a Captain America marathon. We got a cool wristband to show that we belonged to that marathon and a poster. Our showing only had Team Cap posters, so when I saw them handing out Team Iron Man posters at another showing, I ran up there to ask for two.
  • Battle of Five Armies EE DVD – I also finally bought the Extended Edition for the last Hobbit movie. I hadn’t done it right after it came out mainly because I thought I would get it for Christmas – but I didn’t. So yeah.
  • Harry Potter keychain and button – There was this stand at HobbitCon where you could purchase a surprise package for certain fandoms. I bought a Harry Potter one and was slightly disappointed by the things that were inside. I paid 10 euros for it, and got this keychain and two buttons. (The keychain, I found out is worth not more than 5 euros, and I don’t know about the buttons but they looked cheaply made).
  • Denim jacket – I literally got this from the Lidl, but I’d been wanting to get a lighter denim jacket and this one has pockets! It’s very thin, so I’ll have to wear a hoodie underneath, but still, pockets! (My other denim jacket does NOT have pockets *sighs*)
  • Team Iron Man shirt – Two weeks ago I got an email from Qwertee that I had a week left to use up my discount code. I had no idea how I even got that discount code, but I checked the email and saw I got 5 euros off my next order. So I went through their gallery and saw this Team Tony design that I didn’t buy when it was online because I had no money. With this discount I paid 15 euros in total for the shirt, so I was incredibly happy! It fits perfectly, I love the vibrant red and yellow colours and I am so glad to show off my team! (WHAT TEAM? WILDCATS IRON MAN!)
  • Orange (sun)glasses – A friend of mine went to the Action in her town and said they had lots of orange stuff already for Kingsday. She asked us if we wanted any of it, and I loved the heart-shaped glasses, so she brought a pair for me for HobbitCon!
  • 3D glasses + Unlimited Card – After HobbitCon, Tanja and I decided we wanted to get a new Unlimited Card. We’d had one two years ago, but decided after a while that we didn’t want it anymore. After having a card for our local cinema – where they didn’t show all the movies we wanted to see – we realised we missed the Pathé cards so we went back.
  • BB-8 phone case – I was looking on Aliexpress for cosplay items when I came upon this ADORABLE BB-8 phone case. It was less than 2 euros, so I decided to order it. It arrived really quickly and it makes my phone look sooooo adorable!
  • Two posters – Two weeks ago I heard I had won a poster through my local bookstore. I told them I would come and pick it up asap, and I basically never did. So when my mum went into town I asked her if she could pick it up for me. When she got there, the owner couldn’t find the poster she meant and instead gave her this Insurgent poster, which is an even cooler one than the one I initially won! And they had lots of freebies at YALfest, including some of these posters. I decided to take this one with me, even though I haven’t read the book. If I end up not liking it, I might give it away to someone who did!

This post is getting quite long already actually, so I’ve decided to split it into two parts. Part two, with all the books I’ve read and the movies I’ve watched and a section about my own life, will be posted tomorrow!

See you tomorrow!