Bookshelf update 2016, part one!

I thought it was time for another bookshelf update! I reorganised my shelves twice these past four months and I decided I wanted to share my latest way of organising with you. It’s nothing special, to be honest, but it’s just an excuse to show you pictures of my bookshelves. Honestly these are only my main bookshelves, I do have some other shelves where I stash some books, but perhaps I’ll show them to you later this year! Anyway, here are the pictures of my main bookshelf! If you want to know about all the books I own, I made a list on listography!

2016-04-21 17.52.59

On this top shelf we have all my Doctor Who books. I also put my TARDIS there and tried to fit Twelve in there (he is now sort of stuck with his head, oh well at least he’s inside the TARDIS). I also have my Rick Riordan books (with the exception of the Kane Chronicles because it’s a boxset), my John Marsden books, all the books by Leigh Bardugo, Dangerous Girls & Dangerous Boys, the Poison Study series and Passenger. Featured also are my Thor and Sif Funko Pops.

2016-04-21 17.53.08

Here on this shelf I have most of my (completed) series or series that are complete so far. From left to right it’s the Trial by Fire series, Just One Day & Just One Night, the Shades of London series, the Anna duology, Red Queen & Glass Sword, the Splintered series, the Miss Peregrine’s series (I do have Library of Souls, but my sister is borrowing it). The Divergent series + Four. All of Sarah J. Maas’ books so far. My shiny copies of the Hunger Games trilogy and my most prices posession, The Hobbit (signed by several actors & Tolkien’s great grandson). The Funko’s are Scarlet Witch (both the Civil War and the Age of Ultron version), Elsa from Frozen and Legolas from the Hobbit.

2016-04-21 17.53.24

More (complete) Series! I have the entire Lunar Chronicles series, including both Stars Above and Fairest. Then I have the Balefire bind-up, Say Her Name, the first three books in the Sweep series. The entire Vampire Academy series. Two books by Rainbow Rowell and four books by Teri Terry. Then I have two Roald Dahl books, Where Rainbows End, some Tolkien books (another copy of the Hobbit), Good Omens, The Death of Captain America and a thin Penguin Classic. Below that is my entire Last Survivors series by Susan Beth Pfeffer. The Funko’s are Sleeping Beauty (<3), Iron Man and Vision (I am definitely team Iron Man, sorry not sorry).

2016-04-21 17.53.27

On the next shelf I have Illuminae on display, because it’s the prettiest book I own. Behind that are the first three books in the Gone series by Michael Grant and The 5th Wave. Then I have some classics; some fairy tales, Dracula, Peter Pan and Frankenstein. Next to that are Runemarks and Runelight and the Book Thief. Below is The Infinite Sea which is a massive book (not in pages but in size, damn). Then I have the first and third (I made a mistake when I bought it, I wanted the second book instead) of the Mara Dyer trilogy and both Anna and Lola by Stephanie Perkins. Then I have some standalone books, Across the Universe, the first three Land of Stories books and the first, third and prequel in the Maze Runner series. After that it’s all first books in a series that I haven’t (or don’t want to) continue. The Funko’s are BB-8 (<3), Rey, Superhero Stan Lee and Charlie Bradbury.

2016-04-21 17.53.31

Here it’s mostly series I haven’t completed yet or don’t want to complete. As well as some standalone contemporary books and the beginning of my hardcover books. I have the entire Dangerous Boys series and a signed copy of both Talon and Rogue. I also have the first three books in the Wake series though I have no idea in which order they should be at the moment. The Funko’s are Jack Skellington, Melinda May, Holiday Dancing Groot and Unmasked Cyclops.

2016-04-21 17.53.37

And last but not least, this is the shelf where I literally just put anything that didn’t fit anywhere else. The last part of my hardcover books, the Shatter Me series (which I didn’t enjoy as much as I hoped to) and I believe most of these books are still unread. No funko’s on this shelf either, because it’s the bottom shelf and I don’t think they’d look good on there. I do have one other Funko that isn’t on these shelves – Hermione – but that’s because I put her with my Harry Potter books.

So yeah, this is my updated Bookshelf post for 2016. Tomorrow I will show you all my other shelves, which include my graphics novels, magazines and Harry Potter shelves!

How did you organise your bookshelves?