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    Review: The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid

    I first heard of The Diabolic through BookTube. I believe it was a book featured in a subscription box, and lots of people on BookTube had received this box and thus hauled the book. What intrigued me the most wasn’t the synopsis…

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    Review: HEX

    I believe I first heard about this book from the Dutch book scene, and it intrigued me because it’s one of the few Dutch books I know that got translated into English. People called this book creepy, said they couldn’t…

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    Review: The Circle

    I think I first heard about this book around the time the movie was announced. I was quite intrigued by the summary and decided to get myself a copy a while back. But then, I read a couple of pages…

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    Review: The Force Awakens (Novel)

    In December 2015, the newest Star Wars movie was released. Named “The Force Awakens” it introduced us to new characters and brought back some of the old characters as well. For me, TFA was the movie that made me fall…

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    Review: The Cursed Child (Play)

    In October 2015 I bought tickets to see the official eighth Harry Potter story performed at the Palace Theatre in London. I was so excited and so ready for my favourite book series ever to continue… That is until I…

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    Review: Stolen

    Warning: This review is full of rants and spoilers. Please proceed with caution. Back when I first got a Goodreads page, I found out about this book and added it to my TBR list. The summary sounded intriguing, and I liked…