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    Trailer: Harry Potter – Hogwarts Mystery

    Last week, Portkey Games released a trailer for their upcoming Harry Potter Mobile game. The game, called Hogwarts Mystery will allow you to make your own character, get sorted and learn spells at Hogwarts; something Potterheads have been dreaming of forever.…

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    The Sims Mobile

    A couple of days ago, EA Games, responsible for every Sims game that came out for the past seventeen years, released a trailer for an upcoming mobile game. There’s been a mobile game called The Sims Freeplay for a while…

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    Pokémon Go

    Last year I started hearing more about this game called ‘Pokémon Go’, which was supposed to be like playing Pokémon in real life. I didn’t hear much more about it after that, so I kind of forgot about it, until…

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    TMI Thursday: Lego Games

    Some years ago, I first played the Harry Potter Lego games. I believe it was on my sister’s Nintendo DS. Then, for a while I didn’t do anything with it, until I started playing on the WII more. We had…

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    The Sims 3: Seasons

    The Sims has finally decided to release the expansion pack that I (and probably lots of other people) have been waiting for for YEARS. Seasons! I honestly loved their previous expansion, Supernatural, which was a remake of Makin’ Magic, but…

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    The Potter Games

    Of course, everyone is familiar with both Harry Potter and The Hunger Games; two amazing series that each have a huge fanbase. Some fans of both series have decided to mash the two together, and thus have created The Potter Games.…