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    Behind the Scenes #51

    Well then, here we are another month later and I haven’t blogged at all, yay! Anyway, here we have another Behind the Scenes post for you to enjoy and I promise I will try to blog a little more frequently in the…

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    Traveling: London

    In October 2015, I bought four tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child the official eighth Harry Potter story. My sister, two of her friends and I would be seeing the play on 12 April 2017, a year and…

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    Traveling: Berlin

    When Hugh Jackman announced on Twitter his new movie Logan would premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, I got a little excited. Though I also felt like it would be a bit of a waste to travel all the way to Berlin…

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    Funko Pop Wishlist

    Funko Pops. You love ’em, or you hate ’em. Book lovers and Funko Pops apparently go hand-in-hand, as I have seen so many bookworms who collect these little figurines. I myself am an avid collector as well, and I currently…

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    TMI Thursday – Christmas Tag

    A week late for Christmas, but seeing as I had already filled in everything, I thought I would just post it the Thursday after. And because I didn’t post a TMI Thursday both last week and the week before. As…

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    Video: Reorganising Bookcase

    I have been thinking about making videos for a long time now, and decided to just go for it a couple of days ago. That video is still going to get uploaded (and possibly refilmed) but I did make a…