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I have a hoarding problem, part 7,5.

In September last year, I made the seventh Hoarding problems post containing my Funko Pop! collection. Since then, my collection has grown, a lot. Let me show you my updated Funko collection!


These are all the boxes that I’ve put on top of my bookcase. I’ve sort of put them in order of when I got them, with the older ones at the back and the new ones up front.


On the top shelf I have Rey and BB-8, both from Star Wars. After watching the movie I fell in love with BB-8, and I wanted a Pop! right away. The store where I usually buy them didn’t have it, so I got Rey instead (who is also one of my favourite characters atm). Then, a while later I saw a Dutch website that had BB-8 in stock and for relatively cheap (12 euros is cheap for a Pop! in my country); so I got it. Star Wars Pop! figures come with a little platform that they stand on, and a couple of days ago I found out you can actually remove that platform – which I did of course, because they fit into my little army of Pops so much better without those platforms!


After watching Age of Ultron, Wanda Maximoff – aka Scarlet Witch – became one of my favourite Marvel characters very quickly. So imagine me finding out they were making a Pop! of her. I pre-ordered it at ‘my’ Pop! store and they got her so much sooner than I had expected. SHE’S SO PRETTY OMG. And then I saw Vision – who is her husband in some of the comics – for cheap on a website and I bought it. Look at my OTP, look at them! <3


I actually have the funniest story for the Thor Pop! We were at Elfia, and there was a store there with Funko’s. My friend and I both wanted the Thor one, but apparently I’d gotten the last one. She was so ‘angry’ with me for the rest of the day, ha ha ha! I believe she eventually bought one herself, even though I said I’d get her one for her birthday (I got her Hawkeye for Christmas instead). And at another Elfia I saw Lady Sif and I just had to get her. Because Sif is amazing and in the original mythology she’s married to Thor. So yeah.


MR. STAN LEE! Last week I went on Facebook and saw a Dutch webstore had some new Funko’s in stock. I looked and saw they had this exclusive Stan Lee superhero Pop! and I just knew I had to have it. I love Stan Lee, I love the things he’s created, and I especially love his cameo’s in all the Marvel movies. And for Christmas, my mum got me Tony Stark aka Iron Man. I love Tony, I love Robert Downey Jr. and I loved this Funko that makes it look as if he’s flying. This is the Age of Ultron version, I believe, and the suit is the Mark 43. Yay!


When I was buying Hawkeye for my friend, I saw that they had Melinda May who is just awesome (1. Because it’s Melinda May and 2. Because she’s played by Ming Na Wen who is BAMF (and also the voice for Mulan eyyyy)). For some reason, her head is really heavy though, so when I found out there was this little platform inside the box for her, I immediately put her on. Now she’s not falling over anymore!

And for Christmas last year, my friend got me Baby Dancing Groot! I’ve been wanting one for so long, but I didn’t know whether to get the normal one or the Holiday one. But just look at it ahhhhh! And the last one in the row is Scott Summers aka Cyclops without a mask. This was the MyGeekBox exclusive Funko for June (July?) last year, and I kind of bought it because I thought/hoped it would be Quicksilver. But Scott is cool too!


Behold – the Pop! that got me addicted – Mr. Legolas Greenleaf! I got this for Christmas two years ago from my friend from France. I was so incredibly happy with it because I’d been wanting to get one of those Funko’s for a long time already but I didn’t know which one to choose. (I still don’t, if you hear someone crying, it’s me trying to decide which Funko to get). Next to it is Jack Skellington, which I got from my sister for Christmas last year. I’ve loved NBC for so long now so I was incredibly happy to get this one! And the last one is Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. My friend was at the Popshop and told me they had Doctor Who funko’s. I asked her if she could bring 12 for me, and here he is – he’s so cute, ahhhhh!


And last but not least are the girls. I got Charlie (from Supernatural) at the ABC in Den Haag while we were there for Alan Rickman. The website I was going to order her from said she was delayed again so I was so happy to find her at the ABC. Elsa I got from my parents while we were sort of roadtripping through our own country. We ended up in Zeeland at a holiday park and I saw her there at the store. She was a bit more expensive than the usual Pops, but still I love her so much. And then there’s Hermione: imagine my joy when I found out the Popshop had the Harry Potter funko’s in stock. I had a crisis then, because I didn’t know which one to pick. Eventually, I went with Hermione, because out of the trio I love her the best.

Do you own any Funkos?


I have a hoarding problem, part seven: Funko Pop!

You may have heard of ‘Funko Pop!’, but in case you haven’t here’s a brief explanation. Funko Pop! are small figures of popular things – TV shows, movies, games, etc etc – that you can buy and collect. They are about 9 centimeters high and they all have a large head and small body. Some of them (mostly the Marvel ones) have bobble heads – meaning that their heads are attached to their necks with a spring and you can wiggle their heads, wooh! And they look so much like the characters! They’ve been around for years already, but I only found out about them last year, when I got one for Christmas.

My French friend came over to the Netherlands to celebrate New Years’ Eve with us, and she’d brought Christmas gifts for Tanja and me which turned out to be Pop! figures. I got Legolas, Tanja got Thorin – both from The Hobbit. I immediately fell in love with little Leggy and that is when the obsession started I guess. I looked up what other figures they had, and fell into the rabbit hole called ‘Pop! Collecting’. Since then, I’ve gotten seven more, and I have a wishlist that reaches all the way to the moon and back. (Okay maybe not that far, but almost).


From left to right, top to bottom I have: Elsa from Frozen. I saw her at a vacation resort shop in Zeeland (like New Zealand, but old) when I was there with my mum and dad. And my mum bought it for me! Then, I was googling for stores that sold Funko’s in my country and found one where they had Vision from Age of Ultron with a discount; I couldn’t let that pass of course! Hermione from Harry Potter I got from the Popshop in Haarlem (where I work) because I saw that they had her and I JUST HAD TO TAKE HER WITH ME! And last one on the row is Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch from Age of Ultron. While at the Popshop to buy Hermione, I pre-ordered Wanda thinking I wouldn’t get her until October. Then not a week later I got a call that she was available already and my mum picked her up on Saturday. I am so in love!

On the bottom row we have Legolas from the Hobbit, which is the first one I got from Diane – and he’s so adorable :3. Then there’s Thor from the Dark World that I got at Elfia – I had the last one and both Tanja and I wanted one. She’s still mad at me… (just kidding). And the third one is Charlie from Supernatural. We were in Den Haag for Alan Rickman and a friend of mine and I went to the American Book Center to buy notebooks (in case Alan didn’t sign HP books). There they had a stand full of Funko’s and I saw Charlie among them. She wouldn’t be for sale on my ‘usual’ website for another month, so OF COURSEI TOOK HER! And last but certainly not least is Cyclops aka Scott Summers from X-Men. This was the exclusive Funko in the MyGeekBox for May (or was it June?) and though I really like him, I don’t think he’s that special/exclusive to be honest. Oh well.

Like I said, I have a long wishlist, and most of them include the ones from my favourite TV shows, movies, etc (and some from fandoms I’m not in but they’re so cute I couldn’t resist). They have Harry Potter, Doctor Who, The Hobbit, Marvel, Dragon Ball Z, Supernatural; and a lot more upcoming – I believe they’re making Hunger Games Pops, and Sherlock ones (though I’m not a huge fan of Sherlock anymore) and hopefully they’ll make many more awesome Funko Pops in the future!

Do you collect Funko’s?

My Hoarding Problem: THG & Hobbit merch

In my previous post, I showed you my Doctor Who and Harry Potter merch. This post will be about my two newest ‘addictions’, The Hunger Games and The Hobbit.


Okay, I honestly don’t have that much Hobbit merch, not yet, but this is what I’ve got so far. I got a puzzle at HobbitCon (which I’ve finished twice in the meantime); a magazine with a cool 3D cover of Thorin, the actual book (not a film cover though, but it is an image that looks very similar to one of the posters). I also have a cool Hobbit mug (with that image on it), some HobbitCon goodies, the soundtrack, a lanyard and Thorin’s key on a necklace. I also have these three cool posters, with all my favourite dwarves on it!


Now, for the Hunger Games, I also don’t have a lot for this, but still I decided to include it. I’ve got the books, of course, the official illustrated movie companion, three magazines that THG was mentioned in. Two books, The World of the Hunger Games, and the Tribute Guide. I’ve got the 2-disk DVD of TheHunger Games, the soundtrack (with the songs artists wrote for the movie), a bracelet (which was a keychain but I made it into a bracelet myself) and a Mockingjay pin. I also have two posters, one of which I won through a contest, and the other I bought myself!

This will be my last Hoarding post for a while, as I don’t really have anything else worthy of mentioning. Maybe in the future!

My Hoarding Problem: Fandom merch

Welcome to another hoarding problems post! This time it’s more merch… Fandom merch! I found out while ‘researching’ for this post that I don’t own that much Harry Potter merch, which is strange because I’ve been a huge fan of this series since I was a kid (maybe a lot of it got thrown away? I guess so). Anyway, below this text you can see all my Doctor Who merch and my Harry Potter merch! (again, apologies for the dark pictures, there’s something wrong with my camera settings and I just cannot fix it).


I’ve only been a fan of this show for less than two years (I was nineteen when I first ‘met’ the Doctor, just like Rose Tyler). But I do have quite a lot of Doctor Who merch (more than HP… h o w). My favourite piece of merch is my Fourth Doctor scarf which is so comfy and warm and everything! I also have an actual TARDIS, a sonic screwdriver, a mug, some necklaces, a phone case, a weeping angel mask (that I got when I bought some merch) and lots of other small things. Another great thing is the picture signed by Marnix van den Broeke (who played the guy on the picture).



And this is my Harry Potter merch, as you can see it’s mostly books and DVD’s. I really need to up my game and get more merch that isn’t books. My favourites are definitely the wands, and I also love the Hallows necklace! I am planning on buying more tshirts because I really don’t have a lot, and I’d love to get more wands. I also would love to own a Timeturner, and of course a Slytherin tie or scarf.

Anyway, I really just need to get more Harry Potter merch, because I have no idea where most of my old merch went. I’ll get back to you in the future when I get more merch! He he he.

My Hoarding Problem: more bandmerch!

Of course I have lots more bandmerch than just the one picture I posted before. Today I will show you my bandshirts and my Only Seven Left merch. (There may be some repeats from the previous post, but #yolo).

I believe I have a couple more shirts, but I cannot find them for the life of me. Anyway, here are all the shirts I can find, let me guide you through them. From top to bottom, left to right I have Findel, Only Seven Left, Chapter January, Haribo Macht Kinder Froh, Nirvana, Only Seven Left. Only Seven Left, The Blackout, Only Seven Left, You Ate My Dog, Destine, Metro Station. Amy Can Flyy, Only Seven Left, The Blackout, Bring me the Horizon, Paramore, My Chemical Romance.

Yes, as you can see, I have quite a few Only Seven Left shirts. Because I love those guys so much. So let’s get onto the merch I own of just this one band.


I have CD’s, t-shirts, guitar picks, drumsticks, stickers, posters, flyers, stuff signed by them, a whole organised full of newspaper clippings, magazine posters, interviews, setlists, I have it all! I even have a drumskin with a lovely little message from the band to thank me for the work I’ve done on their fansite. Like I said: I love these guys!

Again, I don’t know yet what I’ll be showing in the next post, but I have a selection I can choose from so I’m going to make that selection very soon!


My Hoarding Problem: Bandmerch

A while back, I posted the first post in a series called ‘My Hoarding Problem‘. Today, I will give you part two, which will be mostly band merch and jewelry. I don’t know yet what I’ll post in my next hoarding post, but I’ve made a list of all the things I hoard so you’ll find out very soon!


If you exclude the t-shirts that I own, this is all the band merch I own. It’s mostly bracelets and guitar picks though, but I also have three drumsticks – two, I believe, are from Only Seven Left and one is from MakeBelieve. The guitarpicks are mostly Only Seven Left, and a few other bands as well. I got very lucky because I literally found most of these. I didn’t catch them during a concert, but just found them on the floor of a venue at random times. Some I just got from the guitarists themselves before or after a show.

My most priced band merch posession is the drumskin that I got from Bram a couple of years ago for being the owner of their official fansite, which was probably the best gift ever! (Edit ’16: I still have it hanging in my room now, and I really don’t think I’m ever going to get rid of it).


I used to not be such a fan of jewelry, but I tihnk that through the years it grew on me. Now I cannot leave the house without wearing at least one necklace. I’m sorry the picture is so dark, but I couldn’t really fix it without making it look ugly. Anyway, there are a lot of fandom related pieces, such as the Slytherin crest, a sonic screwdriver, the logo from R5, a Mockingjay pin and a bracelet with items that fit with the Hunger Games theme.

I don’t really wear bracelets actually, because most of them are too big for my wrists, but I do love owning them!

My Hoarding Problem: Books, CD’s.

I believe I mentioned it before, that I was going to make pictures of all the things I collect. Because I collect quote a number of things: games, nailpolish, iphone cases, books, dvd’s and cd’s, fandom merch, funko’s and a couple of other things I cannot remember at the moment. So I’ve made pictures of all of those things, and I will share them with you in a post series called ‘My Hoarding Problem’. Enjoy part one, which will be all about books.


It may not seem like a lot to you people, but for someone who hardly read any books in 2011, I think I have gotten quite a collection since that. Of course some of these books are books I read in my youth, and some books belong to my mum or my sister, but the majority of the books that are here on these shelves are mine! (And yes, I desperately need a new bookcase, I know). I have a list of all the books I own right here on Listography!


I love music, but I am honestly not the person that buys the CD’s of every artist that I listen to. Only the ones that I really love and want to support (not that I don’t want to support the bands that I don’t love but you get what I mean… right?) I even have the soundtrack of The Hobbit and The Hunger Games on here because I just really love those movies so so much!

That concludes my first Hoarding Problem post. Stay tuned for the next one, although I cannot say with certainty when it will be posted!

Funko Pop Collection

Around the same time last year, I made my last Hoarding Problems post, where I gave you my updated Funko Pop Collection. Since that time, I have acquired a lot more Funko’s, and I thought it might be cool to give you another collection update! In my previous post, I had 17 Funko’s. As of this moment, I own 33 Funko’s and one Dorbz. Let me guide you through all of them!


My Marvel collection is certainly the biggest one of them all. I own 12 of them and one Dorbz. I am planning on buying so many more Marvel funko’s in the future, but for now, let’s just see which ones I already have!

I have Thor from The Dark World collection, and both Iron Man and Vision from the Age of Ultron collection.

Then we go to my favourite characters of them all, the Maximoffs. I have Quicksilver from the X-Men (comic) collection, and three different Scarlet Witch ones; from Civil War, the Dorbz comic version, and the Age of Ultron version.

And last in my Marvel collection are: Agent May (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Unmasked Cyclops (X-Men), Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), Holiday Baby Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy), Lady Sif (Thor: The Dark World) and Superhero Stan Lee.

Star Wars

After Marvel, my biggest collection is Star Wars. I became a fan of this franchise a little over a year ago, and have acquired these Funko’s so far. Cassian Andor from Rogue One. And from The Force Awakens, I have Rey, General Hux, BB-8, General Leia and Finn.

Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts

One of my other favourite franchises is still Harry Potter, and I have gotten five Funko’s in both the HP and Fantastic Beasts collection. I have Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley from the first wave. Then there’s Luna Lovegood, who’s just my favourite character of them all. And from Fantastic Beasts, I have Jacob Kowalski and Queenie Goldstein.


Technically I could have put both Marvel and Star Wars under the Disney category, but I decided to just separate them all. From Disney, I have Queen Elsa, Jack Skellington, Sleeping Beauty and Moana with Pua.

Star Trek

Again a franchise I haven’t been into for very long, but I do own a couple of funko’s. I have Chekov and Uhura, who are possibly my favourite characters in the newer movies.


And last but not least are the Funko’s that don’t fit in any other category because I only have one of each of these fandoms. From left to right there’s Charlie Bradbury (Supernatural), Captain Boomerang (Suicide Squad), Legolas (The Hobbit) and the Twelfth Doctor (Doctor Who).

And with that, we conclude my Funko Pop collection. I love all my funko’s so much but I have to admit my Maximoff ones are the best (because I just love them so so much). I have an enormous list of Funko’s I still want, but I’ll share that with you later this month!

Do you collect Funko Pop’s?