Day Zero Project

Like I said in the post with the same title, I have started a new Day Zero challenge. I will have 1001 days (a little less than three years) to complete a list of 101 goals. I have decided to blog about at least half of them, and take pictures of those I can take pictures of, and I also decided to create a page with all my goals, those that I’m busy with, those that I’ve completed, and those that I still need to complete. Every goal that I’ve made a post about, will get a link to that post, of course! I have decided that if I don’t finish all my goals by the end of these 1001 days, I’ll just continue with this list and perhaps add new goals along the way. 

START DATE: 21 September 2013
END DATE: 18 June 2016 whenever I finish

Goals in progress (will look like this): 22
Finished goals (will look like this): 47

  1. Meet someone famous [blogpost 1, 2, 3, 4]

1 a. Meet an author of a book that I love, and get said book signed. [blogpost]

  1. Organize a movie marathon (with at least one or two other people)
    3. Read 125 books in a year (starting in Jan 2014 + rereads) [134/125]

3a. Read 125 books in 2015 [128/125]
3b. Read at least one Dutch book a month [12/12]
3c. Reread at least 15 books [21/15]
3d. Read at least 100 books in 2016 [115/100]
3e. Read at least 100 books in 2017 [35/100]

4. Dye my hair a funny colour (purple, blue, pink)
5. Save at least 30 to 50 euros every month for (at least) a year (starting jan 2015) [12/12]
6. Make more pictures (and videos) with my camera (instead of my phone)
7. Read 5 books recommended by other people [2/10] (see list of books here)
8. Watch 10 movies recommended by other people [1/10] (see list of movies here)
9. Watch 10 TV show pilots recommended by other people [6/10] (see list of shows here)
10. Get myself to buy only one or two books a month, and nothing more

  1. Learn some Welsh sentences
  2. Keep a (daily) diary for a year
  3. Keep a dream diary for a month [31/31] (starting 1 aug 2014) [blogpost]
    14. Donate at least 10.000 grains of rice on [2500/10.000]
  4. Own all eight Harry Potter movies on DVD [8/8]
    16. Blog about at least half of my goals [10/51]
  5. Complete a 365 day photo challenge (w/ Instagram pictures) [210/365]
    18. (Buy and) Complete a puzzle in a day, and make pictures/a video of the progress (aka 24 hours)
  6. Make a list of fifty things that I love [0/50]
  7. Make a memory jar (starting in 2017)

21. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet [9/26] (see list here)
22. Visit a museum in my own country, and buy a souvenir [blogpost]
23. Take a free online class
24. Write a letter to someone I admire
25. Start using my Flickr account
26. Wear all the nailpolish colours that I own [52/114] (restarted the count in 2015)
27. Watch Classic Who (at least two Doctors (4, 7), and at least one season per Doctor) [0/2]
28. Buy a new lens for my camera [blogpost]
29. Find a new band/artist to listen to
30. Play a Wii/Computer game completely without a walk-through or cheats

  1. Clean my room and keep it tidy
  2. Read at least 10 new books from the BBC’s Big Reads list [0/10] (see list of books here)
  3. Read a book that is worth five stars – [review]
  4. Buy, read (and review?) a(n auto)biography of someone I admire [book]
  5. Go to the cinema more frequently (on my own, or with friends) [10/?]
  6. Go to the (midnight) premiere of a movie
    37. Make a video at a convention and post it on YouTube
  7. Learn to cook five new meals [5/5]
    39. Complete my Wreck this Journal
  8. Buy a new book by Keri Smith and finish it

  1. Buy a sketchbook/pad and draw more often
  2. Set up a queue and log off Tumblr for a day
  3. Note one good thing that happens every day for a year
  4. Take part in NaNoWriMo

44 a. Participate in NaNoWriMo in November 2016

  1. Go a week without swearing [0/7]
  2. Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days are over
  3. Create a Sims family and keep it for at least five generations [0/5]
  4. Make an iTunes playlist of 101 of my favorite songs [37/101]
  5. Learn more about the Greek, Roman and Norse Mythology
    50. Get the map of Middle Earth and hang it up in my room

51. Start a story and write at least a hundred pages without rewriting it [160/100]

51 a. Start a story and write at least one page a day for a whole year (doesn’t necessarily have to be something in the story, can be background information or something like that) [0/365]

52. Watch 10 Disney movies I haven’t seen before [10/10] (see list of movies here)

52b. Rewatch 10 Disney movies in English [5/10]

53. Spend a day without laptop or phone, and document it  [blogpost]
54. Get another tattoo (04/10/16)
55. Go to London (12/04/17)
56. Read 5 Dutch books [5/5]
57. Own 150 books [362/150]
58. Go to the zoo
59. Buy Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Welsh (and (try to) read it)
60. Host a give away on my blog

61. Write down the recipes of five meals that I love (and share these on my blog) [2/5]
62. Buy one of those ‘blind date’ books from the American Book Center (or any other shop that has them)
63. Drink more (ice)tea (and stop drinking so much coke/cola)
64. Make a font out of my handwriting
65. Make a list of twenty beautiful words (in any language), and memorize their meaning [1/20]
66. Buy something from Amazon [5/1]
67. Read (or listen to) the Silmarillion (by J.R.R. Tolkien)
68. (Re)watch a movie from the year I was born in (1992) (and review it) [Blogpost]
69. Spend twenty-four hours watching movies (with the occasional snack/toilet break)
70. Don’t spend any money for an entire month (except for the necessities, bills, etc)

71. Put a euro in a jar (or on my savings account) for every completed goal [47/101]
72. Send/give birthday cards to five of my friends [3/5]
73. Organize my laptop & external hard drives [1/3]
74. Review 100 books [105/100]
75. Don’t complain for an entire week
76. Don’t buy any Christmas/birthday presents for myself (in 2014 and 2015)
77. Pick 101 photos I made myself, and get them printed [0/101]
78. Stop myself from eating every time I’m bored for at least one month
79. Complete all the challenges/meme’s I am doing on Tumblr [0/5]
80. Go to another convention [blogpost 1, 2, 3, 4]

81. Try to post a picture a day on Instagram (or one every two days)
82. Design and print new business cards
83. Get a book printed from ABC’s Espresso Book Machine
84. Buy a .nl domain for my blog
85. Go to the ‘Boekenmarkt’ in Deventer and/or the ‘Boekenfestijn’ in Utrecht (and buy something) [blogpost]
86. Have 250 published blog posts [521/250]
87. Make a facebook page for my blog
88. Make my own social media buttons for my blog
89. Read five (new) books that were made into movies [2/5] (see the list of books/movies here)
90. (Re)Watch those five movies [2/5]

  1. Start working on/using my sideblogs on Tumblr [2/2]
    92. Learn how to use all the settings of my camera 
  2. Follow more blogs (at least 5) on bloglovin’ [7/5]
  3. Go to a festival (if only for just one day) (I guess Castlefest can be counted as a festival).
    95. Make 101 gifsets [74/101]
  4. Buy only things that are on sale for a month
  5. Organize my iTunes library/music folder
  6. Listen to an audio book [review]
  7. Buy a notebook and fill it with quotes, thoughts, etc.
  8. Save at least 300 euros (for HobbitCon) [300/300]

  1. Create another 101 goals before I’m finished with this list [0/101]