Have you ever read about a dish in a book and thought ‘I want to try that out’? You’re definitely not the only one (there’s a reason someone made a Harry Potter cookbook). Today’s Top Ten is all about yummy foods mentioned in books, and I have to admit it was pretty hard to come up with ten of them. (And yes, I cheated and added something from a movie series). Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme organised by The Broke and the Bookish.

Dauntless Cake (Divergent)
Catherine’s creations (Heartless)
All of Mrs Weasley’s cooking (Harry Potter)

Lamb Stew (The Hunger Games)
Ambrosia (Percy Jackson)
Kvas (Grisha Trilogy)

Lembas (Lord of the Rings)
Blue Milk (Star Wars)
Willy Wonka’s candy (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

Which fictional dish has ever made your mouth water?
  • Jo Elliott

    Ambrosia sounds so good! Also Cath’s creations in Heartless, my mouth was watering through the whole book.
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2017/10/17/top-ten-tuesday-129/

    • I’m really curious about Ambrosia, even though it’s said to be dangerous if you eat too much of it. But I guess one bite wouldn’t hurt!

  • I always forget about the DAUNTLESS CAKE and I’m honestly not sure how/why I do but yum. This entire list is great. I keep finding myself wanting any and all of Cath’s creations in Heartless. Yummmmm.

    • Yeah I remembered the cake a couple of days ago because I found a recipe on Facebook for it, so I was like ‘I need to add this to the TTT list!’

  • I’d eat all the food from Harry Potter. That stuff sounds so good!

    • I’m just so jealous of them that they get to enjoy such great feasts in every book! (And I am so happy that someone made a cookbook with all the great stuff from the books)

  • I had a hard time with this topic, too! Apparently I just don’t pay that much attention to food in books. It’s only now that I’m looking through other people’s lists that I’m like, “Oh, yeah! That book was ALL about food.” LOL. Must be getting old …

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!

    • Yeah, same here, I actually looked at other people’s lists for a bit to get some inspiration, because at first I only had Harry Potter and The Hunger Games on my own list… XD