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Twelve Things That Will Make Me Not Want to Read a Book

Last week I talked about nine things that will instantly make me want to read a book. This week, it’s time to talk about the exact opposite, things that will make me not want to read a book. Or things that I’d rather just not read about. I often won’t put down a book when I realise one or two of these elements are in the book, but most of the time I will down-rate a book because of it. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme organised by The Broke and the Bookish.

Instalove – Ok sometimes, very rarely, I don’t mind that much that a character basically falls in love with another character not even a week or so after they meet, but often it just feels way too quick. A character will meet another and will immediately be like ‘Oh Em Gee he is so gorgeous I want to have his babies’. I love slow-burning romances more than any other kind of romances. Like those types where for two books you’re not sure if they’re in love with each other or just really good friends and then in the third one confesses their love for the other and the other’s like ‘yeah same’.

Love Triangles – Take. It. Away. From. Me. UGH, I just cannot stand it when a character has a love interest in the first book, and all was well – until the sequel comes out which introduces love interest number two. STOP IT. Honestly, there has been no love triangle that I can remember that I have been uncertain about. Nine out of ten times, I ‘root’ for the first guy, because that is just the first person she fell for and why can’t that just be enough?

Cheating – I don’t care how it happened, who it happened with. I care that it happened. I will not accept or condone a character cheating in a book. I’d probably feel a bit conflicted when the character’s spouse is an ass, but still, there’s always the option to break up with your shitty boyfriend/girlfriend rather than CHEAT ON THEM.

Incest – I will never find this okay. NEVER. Durincest (The Hobbit), Wincest (Supernatural), Maxicest (Marvel), take it all away from me. I do not, will not and CAN NOT understand how anyone could ship two characters who are siblings or just related in any other way. Honestly, I think incest is something that will immediately make me DNF a book. Even if one of the two is adopted or they’re step-siblings, they are still siblings and it. is. gross.

Multiple POVs – Ok, honestly I don’t hate this, but I often find it very annoying. The moment I get used to a certain character and they SWITCH. THE. POV. I get that they do this with most fantasy books, like Throne of Glass and Lord of the Rings and such in order to tell the whole story, but there are plenty of books out there that do not need multiple POVs. (coughAllegiantcough)

Vampire vs. Werewolves – It’s probably due to Twilight that my ‘hatred’ for vampire and werewolves started, and only recently have I been reading some vampire books and enjoying them, but if I see a book that has ‘vampires’ ánd ‘werewolves’ in its synopsis, I often put the book down and walk away quickly. (Same thing with fairies/fae, angels and demons, honestly. The past years there have been so many books featuring these creatures and it gets a bit overdone).

Books where fans seem to root for the villain – Sometimes, villains (or bad guys, or antagonists, I believe there is a difference between those three) can be the most attractive characters in the whole series. Sometimes they can do one or two good things for the protagonist. But they are still villains. Kylo Ren is still an asshole who works for the Star Wars universe’s equivalent of the nazis. Severus Snape was still a teacher who bullied his students. Maven is still a little shit who reminds me a lot of Joffrey (and I have never seen GoT). I don’t get how people can still ship characters (Rey & Kylo, Lily & Snape, Mare & Maven) with their villains.

Sex scenes – I don’t care how detailed they are described, I do not need sex scenes in my books. As an asexual, I feel very uncomfortable when reading or watching sex scenes and I honestly can do without my OTP having sex in a story. Also, I could do without the amount of sex-talk in contemporary books, to be honest. I have yet to read a book featuring an asexual character though, but I am not actively searching for them (I’ll survive without an asexual book, honestly, but I’d love some recommendations).

Poetry/Written in Verse – No shade to people who love poetry, but I just cannot understand how people could enjoy it. I’ve tried reading a poetry book, but I just couldn’t get through it and ended up putting it down. I’ve also tried to read a book, where one character’s POV was written in verse, and that honestly made me DNF the book after only two chapters. Sorry, not sorry.

Anything that was written before the 90s – Ok there are some exceptions, including The Chronicles of Narnia and anything Tolkien, but often I just cannot get through books written before the year I was born in. I can’t get used to the writing style and the old words that we don’t use nowadays anymore. Like I said, I’d read anything written by J.R.R. Tolkien because I love his Middle Earth books, and I’m going to try to read the Chronicles of Narnia, but other than that I’ll keep to the recent releases.

The [insert random language] answer to Harry Potter – Yeah no, nine out of ten times it won’t even come close to the magic of Harry Potter. I mean I’ll read it, and I’ll maybe enjoy it, but I will always compare it to Harry Potter if you put that on the cover of the book. And it will never be better or just as good as Harry Potter. EVER.

Zombies – So far the only zombie books I enjoyed were Warm Bodies (though I enjoyed the movie more than the book) and This is Not a Test, but that was because there were hardly any zombies in this book until the end and it was mostly about these kids trying to survive inside a school. Yeah, zombies are really just not my kind of thing. I was once tricked into reading a book about zombies, and I was kinda pissed, to be honest. View Spoiler »

Which tropes do you hate in books?

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  • Deb Nance

    There are lots of bad books written in poetry, I think. A couple of good ones.

  • I don’t think I’ve read many Vamipre vs Werewolves books, especially since I didn’t read Twilight. The only werewolf book I can remember is Shiver- and I wasn’t a huge fan of the trilogy.

    • Yeah, that’s one of the series I’m kind of avoiding, even though I enjoyed her other series, The Raven Boys. Still, maybe in the future I’ll surprise myself and pick up the first book!

  • Christian

    I recently started reading the Republic Commando series of Star Wars books, one of the main characters is a jedi female, who by their codex are bound to asexuality. Although the character in the series does struggle with that from time to time. Those books are also really heavy into the extended Star Wars lore, so there is a lot of technobabble etc.

  • Poetry was on my list today, too. I’ve just never been a fan. I don’t get most of it, so why bother? Novels-in-verse, on the other hand, I usually like. Is that weird?

    I also hate what another blogger called “icky” relationships. I recently started a book in which a MC had an affair with her half-brother and I seriously thought I was going to throw up in my mouth. Disgusting.

    Happy TTT!

    • Haha, yeah ‘icky relationships’ is a good description for it, because that’s what I feel every time I read about something like that (the only book I ever finished that had sort of incest in it was The Thousandth Floor and that was because I wanted to know how it ended without actually skipping to the end. Not going to pick up the second book though, I think).