Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #13

The seventh month of the year is over already, and it’s time for another Behind the Scenes post. In this second half of July, I went to Amsterdam, got a new bookshelf and caught a lot of new Pokémon! Let’s take a look at part two of July!


I went fabric shopping with my mum, and there was a market where they sold warm stroopwafels. So my mum bought me one and ohhh I love (warm) stroopwafels so so much!


I initially went to the Popshop to get a Captain Boomerang funko, because I love Jai Courtney, but then I saw that they had Luna – which I had been looking for for ages, but it was sold out everywhere – and I decided to buy her instead (yes I only allowed myself to buy one, isn’t that good of me?) I will pick up Boomerang soon though, probably together with General Hux (cuz Domhnall Gleeson).


Disney was being really wild and annoying under my blanket a while back, and all of a sudden it had gotten really quiet. So I thought she was under my bed or something, but when I turned around she was lying on the bed like this, completely exhausted.


I ordered a lightsaber from a Dutch Carnaval shop and it was delivered two days later in this massive box? I have no idea why they decided that this box would be a good idea to ship a lightsaber in, but ok.


I am really happy with my lightsaber, and I hope my entire dark Rey cosplay will look cool.


My parents were out because of their wedding anniversary, and my sister and I decided to order pizza. I had this shoarma pizza which is absolutely delicious, only they forgot the garlic sauce! Luckily we still had some in the fridge, and otherwise I would have been able to make some, but still, it should have come with the pizza!


My Rush shirt arrived a couple of days after my silver jacket, and of course, I had to make a picture with the entire outfit. It was one of the hottest days of the month and I was literally dying in this jacket & the jeans. I took a couple of pictures really quickly (cuz Quicksilver, get it?) and then I took it all off again. Damn.


And then I went to Tanja’s house, where we ordered pizza (again) and watched Van Helsing. Later on, in the evening we also watched the extra scenes of the Now You See Me DVD that I’d bought, and they were really nice. I felt like rewatching the movie all over again, even though I did that just a couple of weeks ago.


I decided to put a new colour on my nails again, and this time I went for gold. This colour is called Oh My Goldness, and it’s really nice, except for the fact that you need about five or six layers if you don’t want to see the white edges of your nails anymore. (As you can see, I needed more layers here).


My mum and I went to Amsterdam a couple of days ago, and I took her to a tiny restaurant Tanja and I went to last year. They had super delicious pizzas for only 5 euros, and I am so happy we discovered this restaurant (it’s one of the few restaurants in that street that don’t have people outside trying to lure you in. Also there’s a Pokéstop nearby that you can reach from inside the restaurant).


After dinner, mum and I went to Carré, where we saw Cirque Éloize. I don’t really know how to describe it, but it’s a lot of dance and acrobatics. Really if you get the chance, go and see it! We were in row seven, and it was incredible. Also, Carré is a Pokéstop, and I caught a lot of water pokémon here. Another reason why you should go there!



I jokingly told my dad I could fit another bookshelf in my room. And he actually went to Ikea when mum and I were in Amsterdam to get me another Billy. I’ve been standing in front of the shelves for over twelve hours trying to decide what to do with them. Because now that I have so many space, I really don’t know what to do with my books.


Eventually I figured it out. I decided to make a TBR shelf (right case, second, third and half of the fourth shelf, oops). I also added my Dutch books and non-fiction (which you can’t see here) and my graphic novels as well (in the wooden boxes). They’re full now, but that’s partly because I stacked them normally, and not how I used to have it (if you know what I mean).

And thus we’ve come to the end of July. Next up is August, and I will probably have a lot of great pictures for you soon. Tomorrow I’ll post my Wrap-up, and then on Monday I’ll probably make a post about the August movies I want to see!

See you next month!