Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #11

We’ve come to the end of another month. And of course, it is time for another Behind the Scenes post!

2016-06-14 17.34.00

This cat is called Tijger, and he is sort of our mall-cat. He always walks around the small mall (he he he) that’s close to my home, and he just lies there and begs for food (which he’s not allowed to have). I like Tijger.

2016-06-16 16.42.38

My sister passed her exams, and in the Netherlands, it’s tradition to put out the flag with a bag on it. Alas, our flag-holder (is there a name for that? it’s not a flagpole, it’s literally a small holder mounted against the wall) broke and we had to put the flag down like this. Oh well, people at least understood she passed!

2016-06-17 19.47.38-2

Tanja and I went shopping, and we spend so much time in the Primark that I missed dinner. So we decided to get some chips instead, from this new shop. They were greaaaaaaaaaaaaat. (Damn now I want chips).

2016-06-18 13.36.37-2

My mum and I went to Zwolle, because I still had a train ticket I needed to use before the 19th, and we wanted to do something together. We had the plan of going to a museum, but we ended up shopping instead. This picture was made in a bookstore that’s in an old church. It’s soooooooo pretty!

2016-06-18 15.45.06-3

This is the tower of another church in Zwolle, called ‘De Peperbus’.

2016-06-18 15.49.49

The church was open for visitors, so we decided to go inside. I’ve never really been in a church before, so this was really nice to see.

2016-06-18 17.51.29-1

After Zwolle, we decided we wanted to go for dinner somewhere. It was too early in Zwolle to eat something, so we decided to take the train to Utrecht where I knew a nice restaurant. And this pizza was incredibly delicious, ahhhh!

2016-06-18 19.42.40-1

The books I bought/got in Zwolle and Utrecht. The bottom two were from a sort of library on the train station, which was really nice!

2016-06-20 21.41.11

And then Tanja and I decided to go and see X-Men: Apocalypse again. (I have also seen Now You See Me 2, and it is great and I want to see it a thousand times more so we’re going again soon).

2016-06-22 14.38.53-1

Seriously she’d literally kill for these snacks. The moment you grab one of these, she goes nuts and almost drags the package out of your hands. Next time I’m going to film it!

2016-06-22 22.05.52

I decided it was time for me to reread Harry Potter again. I always try to do this in the summer, partly because I just think it’s perfect for the summer to reread. I don’t know why.

2016-06-23 13.35.57

I bought the last two items to complete my Quicksilver cosplay. I found this jacket a while back, but it’s rather short, so I went and looked for something else first (in shops in the Netherlands). I still ended up getting this one because all I could find were incredibly sparkly/glittery jackets or *shivers* sequined jackets. And the rush shirt because I didn’t want to do the Pink Floyd shirt (though I might get one of those eventually).

2016-06-24 16.49.15-2

I got mail from Hogwarts! A friend of mine is getting married in September, and she’s having a Harry Potter themed wedding. I got this incredibly beautiful invitation with this on the back! It’s honestly the prettiest invitation I have ever gotten!

2016-06-24 18.39.49

This is the view we have whenever we have dinner and the dog is over. (Or just every time we have dinner because we also still have three cats). What a dork.

See you in July!