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Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Years ago I watched a movie called A Series of Unfortunate Events and really enjoyed it. I was sad to find out there wasn’t going to be a sequel, but years later I found out Netflix was picking it up as a TV show. A couple of months went by with no news at all until we suddenly had a cast and eventually a release date. Friday the 13th of January, 2017. ASoUE tells the unfortunate story of the Baudelaire siblings, who lost both their parents, their house and all their belongings in a fire. They are put in the care of a man called […]

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Review: Doctor Who S9

Warning: If you’re still not up to date with Doctor Who, don’t read this review because I’ll be talking about some spoiler-y things!  In September, series 9 of ‘New’ Doctor Who started airing. It starred Peter Capaldi as the Doctor for a second season, and Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald for a third and final season. I was a bit sad to see Jenna go, because I really liked her, a lot more in series 8 than I did in 7; but of course, I knew that she couldn’t stay on the show forever. Series 9 saw the return of […]

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Review: The Magician’s Apprentice

Doctor Who has started again last Saturday, and I thought it might be nice to write a short review about the first episode, The Magician’s Apprentice. This is the ninth season already, and though I still enjoy watching it, I have to admit the show is not as good as the first couple of seasons. I do really love this Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, and I really like Clara – played by Jenna Coleman (who announced this season was her last) – but I don’t know, it just feels a bit the same. Of course, with the show being […]

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Review: Doctor Who Series 8

I thought it might be nice to write a review of the episodes of Doctor Who I’ve seen so far. I was going to wait until the last episode has aired, but I couldn’t wait anymore, because I just wanted to tell you all how EXCITED I am for this series! I will be talking about each episode separately, and I will give my opinion on the series so far at the end. Here we go! Doctor Who is broadcast on BBC every Saturday, usually it’s on at 20:30 (CET) but the last two episodes were on at 21:30 (CET). […]

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Review: Delirium Pilot

Love is a disease; it’s dangerous, deadly, forbidden. But luckily, the government has a cure. Seventeen-year-old Lena Haloway can’t wait to get cured. That is, until she meets Alex. They do the unthinkable, they fall in love. And that brings consequences. I was so excited to hear Delirium was going to be made into a TV show. It was one of my favourite series, and I love TV shows as well! Unfortunately, the pilot didn’t get picked up and we never heard from it again. Until now, because Hulu uploaded the pilot to their website, for twenty-four days only. Hulu […]

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Review: The Day of the Doctor

I am warning you already, I will try to keep this as spoiler-less as possible, but I already know I can’t hold myself to that, so spoilers ahead! So you all know that Doctor Who turned fifty on the 23rd of November, and there was a special fiftieth anniversary episode being broadcast. Back in April we heard that David Tennant and Billie Piper would return for this episode. On the 18th of May (my birthday!!!!) we found out that the episode would revolve around a new incarnation of the Doctor, not the twelfth but one that didn’t carry the name […]

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