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All the posts about my ‘day zero’ project.

#13. Keep a dream diary for a month

Another Day Zero goal done. I thought it might be nice to write down the dreams I had for a month, because sometimes I just have really weird dreams; and sometimes I have these amazing dreams that I feel like writing out. So I decided to buy a little notebook in which I could write down my dreams, if I remembered them. I started with this on 1 August 2014, and kept doing this until the 31st. I have to say, I remembered quite a lot of my dreams, I’ve only written down ‘I Don’t remember’ nine times. Anyway, I […]

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22. Visit a museum in my own country, and buy a souvenir

Last month, my mum and I visited a museum in our own country. She asked me which one I wanted to go to, and we decided to go to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I was happy my mum suggested this, because visiting a museum in my own country was one of my goals on my Day Zero list. It was a couple of days after the NS (the biggest train company in our country) had decided to get rid of the paper cards and only use the OV Chipkaart (kind of like an Oyster Card). The thing is that you […]

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#53. Spend a day without laptop or phone, and document it.

As you all might know, I’m participating in a Day Zero challenge, and one of the goals on that list was to spend an entire day without my laptop or computer, or to be more precise, without internet, and I had to document what I did instead! I decided to do this on Saturday (28th September). And when I mean an entire day, I mean an entire day; from 12am to 12am! Luckily, I had an entire shelf of books that I still needed to read, and I had some DVD’s I could watch (and a different laptop without internet […]

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Read and watch things recommended to me by other people.. (#7, #8, #9)

I have officially started my Day Zero challenge yesterday, and three of the goals on my list are to read and watch things that are being recommended by other people. So even it it’s things I don’t like (like vampires, or chick lits) I HAVE to read or watch it because it’s been recommended to me. I have already posted something about it on Tumblr, and I’ve gotten quite some recommendations, mostly for books, but I am looking for more (especially movies). So, if you want to share your favourite movie, book, or TV show with me, now is your […]

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Day Zero

I’m going to do it again, I am going to start a Day Zero challenge. I did this about a year (or two) ago, and I never actually finished it. This time, I am determined to finish all the things I put on my list. Day zero is a challenge in which you make up 101 goals for yourself, which you will then try to complete in 1001 days (a little less than three years). Though I still have no idea what to put on my list (I’ll probably take some things off my old list though, and add some […]

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